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HR708 Honey Roll –Rock Strawberry + Strawberry Nougat 210g

❶ Honey Roll –Rock Strawberry *1pcs
❷ Strawberry Nougat 210g
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❶Eggs. Hokkaido Milk Cream (Milk. Palm Kernel Oil. Dextrin. Casein. Lactose. Emulsifier (Fatty acid glyceride. Soy lecithin. Fatty acid cane ester) Corn fiber. Whey. Spice). French fresh cream (fresh Cream. Carrageenan) White sugar. Japanese flour. Fresh milk. Pure honey. Cream. Strawberry. Blackcurrant. Redcurrant. Wild berries. Raspberry. Pure cocoa powder
❷Refined maltose (tapioca starch, water, starch saccharification enzyme, starch liquefaction enzyme), strawberry jam ((sugar, palm kernel oil, palm oil, skimmed milk powder, skimmed yogurt powder (skimmed milk powder, lactic acid bacteria), whole milk powder, malt) Dextrin, strawberry powder, red beetroot concentrate, emulsifier (soy lecithin), flavor (strawberry)) lemon powder))), dried strawberry (strawberry, palm oil, sugar), cream (cream, lactic acid bacteria), long-lasting milk , Milk powder, caster sugar, egg whites, fruit and vegetable extract powder (maltodextrin, radish, black Jiali, apple), salt (sodium chloride, potassium iodate), strawberry powder (maltodextrin, octenyl butane) Sodium starch. Strawberry flavor (flavor. Propylene glycol). Fatty acid glyceride. Vitamin E (antioxidant))).

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❶Honey Roll –Rock Strawberry
Hand-cooked fresh natural strawberry jam, blended with super berries, not only full of vitamin C, but also anthocyanins erupt. The cake body is made of top Spanish Simon Coll chocolate, which is rich and stable covering the sweet and ethereal filling, which is perfectly intertwined and blooms on the tip of the tongue. The taste buds and body and mind are in love instantly
❷Strawberry nougat
Full of fragrant strawberry scent, with fresh strawberry baked filling, full of happiness and fragrance!!

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This is frozen-pack delivery a delivering product (Taiwan)

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18 x 7.5cm+20.7×9×6.1cm