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Terms and Conditions

  • Welcome to shopping at SUGAR & SPICE, please read the following content carefully:
    This clause is applicable to the products and services available within the scope of eCommerce made available by “SUGAR & SPICE” (hereinafter referred to as S&S); This clause aims to protect the rights and privileges of S&S and yourself. Should you click on “I agree”, or options carrying a similar meaning, or proceed to ordering, payment, and spending at S&S, it shall be construed as your acknowledgement and agreement with the terms and conditions set forth in this clause.
  • I. Personal Data Security

    • (I) S&S duly observes the Personal Information Protection Act and other applicable legal rules for the protection of your personal data. Please refer to the “Privacy Rights Policy of Sugar & Spice” for further information on the protection of your personal data and privacy rights.
    • (II) You must, for the completion of the transaction, guarantee that the data you have provided in the course of ordering is complete, accurate, and timely, including but not limited to the completion of payment and delivery. In case of any change thereafter, please notify S&S at once.
    • (III) S&S undertakes to protect the confidentiality of your data on file further by the adoption of a safe mode during transactions. S&S shall not willfully leak or make your personal data available to a third party unless it is necessary for the completion of transactions or provision of services to the customers, and it will only be made available to contractors that provide related products or services. If your transactions involve cross-border transportation, and a related contractor may be incorporated in a third country, the data necessary for supplying the related contractors for the purpose of completing your transactions may involve the international transmission of your personal data.
    • (IV) S&S reserves the right to view or provide your personal data to the relevant competent authorities, or a party claiming damages on infringement with an appropriate third party guarantor:
    • 1. ※In compliance with the applicable legal rules and regulations, or the orders of the judiciary or other competent authorities;
    • 2. ※ For the purpose of completion or execution of this clause, or if you violate this clause;
    • 3. ※ For keeping the normal operation and security of the S&S system;
    • 4. ※For the protection of the legitimate rights of S&S, other users, or a third party.

    II. Note to placing an order:

    1.Payment Methods

    • A. Payment Upon Receiving Goods
      Sugar and Spice collaborates with T-Cat delivery services. Upon receiving the goods, customers should pay the delivery personnel directly. This service is only applicable for orders with value less than 20,000 NTD.
      (There is an additional service charge of 30 NTD).
    • B. Online Credit Card Payment
      You can use Visa, Master, JCB, UnionPay.If you have any questions, please call us at 0800-063188 extension 0, or email us at
      ※Payment deadline:Please complete the payment process within 10 minutes.
    • C. LINE Pay
      The application that leads to the mobile phone LINE completes the payment.
      ※Payment deadline:Please complete the payment process within 20 minutes.
    • D. Web ATM
      Debit card must be inserted into the external card reader to complete the payment.
      ※Payment deadline:Please complete the payment process within 10 minutes.
    • E. ATM Virtual account
      A set of codes will be provided. You can go to a physical ATM, mobile banking APP or online banking to transfer or pay.
      ※Payment deadline:Please follow the order payment information.If the code expires, please don't pay.


    • A. Additional discounts are not applicable for items that are already on sale.
    • B. Discounts (10%) from member cards are not applicable with online transactions. We apologize for this inconvenience. (Cardholders should show their member cards at Sugar and Spice shops to receive discounts).

    3.Taiwan Delivery

      • A. Delivery Way
      • -   T-Cat Delivery Service
      • -   Refrigerated/Frozen Pack/Normal Temperature Delivery.We will choose the best temperature way for your item delivery.
      • -   The delivery time cannot be specified, and no guarantee that it will be delivered on the specified arrival date

      • B. Dispatching Goods
      • -   Orders will be dispatched after 7 business days of receiving your order.
      • -   It is not possible to specify the delivery time. The actual delivery time is based on the route arranged by the local logistics driver.
      • -   If the logistics department has a large amount of goods  festivals periods, the delivery date and time cannot be specified, and we cannot guarantee products are delivery on time. Please order early and receive the goods 1-2 days in advance to make you have more flexible receiving days.

      • C. Receiving Goods
      • -   The delivery will be revived within 1-2  working days after dispatching goods. (not include weekends and holidays.).
      • -   If the city governments announce the suspension of work because of typhoon day, the delivery service will be suspended in the area, and the package delivery will be postponed to the next working day.
      • -   It is not possible to specify the delivery time. The actual delivery time is based on the route arranged by the local logistics driver.
    4.International Delivery

    • A. Dispatching Goods
    • -   Orders will be dispatched after 7 business days of receiving your order.
    • -   Sugar and Spice will not send out additional notifications to customers regarding delays from flight or clearance congestion during long holidays.
    • -   Customers are not able to pick delivery dates and time for international deliveries. Sugar and Spice products are all handmade. To prevent delays in delivery, we suggest customers to place orders in advance.
    • B. Receiving Goods
    • -   Exact receiving date depends on custom clearance. If there are delays due to prolonged custom clearance, Sugar and Spice will not send out additional notifications to customer.
    • -   The delivery time does not include weekends and holidays.
    • -   Delivery Schedule :
    • C. Countries and Delivery Costs
    • -   Countries and Delivery Costs (Currency: NTD)
    • -   Ordering Method and Calculation of Delivery Costs
    • STEP.1 Member log in or sign up for new customers.
    • STEP.2 Enter ‘International Delivery’ page.

    • STEP.3 Start ordering.

    • STEP.4 Place products in shopping cart.

    • STEP.5 Choose your country. The website will calculate the product and delivery costs. If you would like to cancel your order, please do not proceed with checkout. You can simply close the window.
    • STEP.6 Please confirm your delivery country and quantity. Choose ‘Next’ and you will be directed to the payment page.

    • D. Others
    • 01. International delivery is limited to items on the ‘International Delivery’ page. Sugar and Spice will not deliver non Sugar and Spice products.
    • 02. International delivery costs are to be calculated separately. Free delivery for orders more than NTD 3,000 are not applicable for international deliveries.
    • 03. Delivery costs for China and Hong Kong are inclusive of import duties.
    • 04. International delivery is subject to import duty. Customers should pay for import duty upon receiving the goods.
    • 05. The maximum weight limit for each delivery to Malaysia, Singapore, Korea is 10 KG. Delivery of goods over 10 KG to Malaysia can only be made once a month.
    • 06. Delivery addresses for Malaysia, Singapore, and Korea has to be in English. Receiving addresses for Malaysia and Japan cannot be company addresses.
    • 07. Sugar and Spice can only delivery to Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Putrajaya in Malaysia.
    • 08. Sugar and Spice cannot deliver to hotels or P.O. boxes for international deliveries.
    • 09. Due to the high cost of international deliveries, please double confirm your order before checkout. Sugar and Spice only accepts refund for product defects.
    • 10. International deliveries are delivered under room temperature. Sugar and Spice does not use hardeners and preservatives in our nougats. Therefore, it is normal for our nougats to harden or soften due to the difference in temperature.
    • 11. Sugar and Spice has the right to change promotions without notifying customers in advance.

    4. Shipping Fee-Related Information

    • -   Delivery is free for orders above NTD 3,000
      (for delivery of items that are in the same temperature range). For orders less than NTD 3,000, the delivery cost is 170 NTD. (This is only applicable for Taiwan main island. Additional costs will apply for other islands.)
    • -   When the total purchase amount of the airport-pickup products exceeds NT$5,000, you can enjoy free delivery service. If the amount is less than NT$5,000, an additional delivery fee of NT$200 will be charged.
    • -   Delivery is free for orders above NTD 6,000 for baby gift sets.
      (Additional costs will apply for other islands.)
    • -   For promotions during holidays, please follow the regulations of the promotion.
    • -   Because Sugar and Spice products are made to order, delivery will be at least 7 business days. Customers can choose the preferred receiving date.

      III. System security and backup

      • (I) S&S assures the security of this system to a level of reasonable expectation. Yet, this system does not, explicitly or implicitly, guarantee normal display or processing of the data uploaded or transmitted by you, and the accuracy of the data transmitted by you. Should you discover any mistake or negligence, please notify S&S at once.
      • (II) This system will back up all data at regular intervals. S&S disclaims any responsibility of the deletion of data due to error, or erroneous copying in backup or failure during backup unless such result is the willful or gross negligence of S&S.

      IV. Interpretation of This Agreement

      • (I) In case this clause, the provisions and sections specified on the web pages, and the content of related agreement, was ruled by a court as null or cannot be substantiated as an integral part of the agreement, in whole or in part, the remainders of the provisions and the content shall remain intact and continue to be in force. Interpretation or supplementary provision shall be given to the part of the content ruled by the court as null or cannot be substantiated as an integral part of the agreement within the maximum allowable scope, or congruent with the meaning of the original provisions or content previously agreed.
      • (II) The exercise or non-exercise of the rights acquired or suggested under any provision of this clause and related web pages or related agreement, shall not affect the exercise or non-exercise of other rights acquired or suggested under any provision of this clause and related web pages or related agreement.
      • (III) According to Paragraph II, Article XI of the Consumer Protection Act, any query deriving from the clauses contained in a standardized agreement shall be construed in favor of the consumers.

      V. Miscellaneous

      • (I) You understand and agree that, if S&S eCommerce and its related rights, obligations, and business transactions were assigned to a third party, the rights and obligations of S&S eCommerce and related business transactions, and all related data, including but not limited to all relevant rights and obligations, shall also be assigned to the third party for acceptance thereby, and the third party shall continue to provide services thereof.
      • (II) You understand and agree that, if S&S shall be held responsible for the damage to you under law or this clause, the responsibility of damage or compensation shall be limited to the exact amount paid for the transaction in contention, which shall be the amount for refund.
      • The food industry registration of the Company: B-112981393-00016-2
      • Product liability insurance:130210AKP0000531
      • Company name:LI FENG FOOD CO., LTD.
      • Company address:6th Floor, No. 243, Section 1, Fuxing South Road, Da'an District, Taipei City.
      • Representative:Lai Chung Fen

      VI. Governing law and legal jurisdiction

      • (I) The action of online ordering, transactions, or any other behaviors online with S&S, this clause, and any other agreements on the web pages shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China.
      • (II) If legal action is necessary for any dispute deriving from the action of online ordering, transactions, or any other behaviors online with S&S, this clause and any other agreements on the web pages, the parties hereto agree to submit the jurisdiction of the first instance to Taiwan Taichung District Court for settlement unless the law specified otherwise, and should be complied accordingly.
      • VII. Invoice Notification

        • (I) According the rule from e Ministry of Finance, Sugar & Spice issued 「Uniform Invoice」and 「Uniform Invoice」will not send paper invoices automatically. Consumers will only receive an E-Invoice by email
        • (II) 「Non-physical e-Invoice」: Consumer can save their e-invoice on their own carrier with automatic prize checking and use the Ministry of Finance's electronic invoice platform to check their consumption records.
        • (III) 「Uniform Invoice」: The system will automatically send out the e-invoice to consumer by email, which contains the e-invoice PDF file for downloading and printing, but cannot save on their own carrier and check prize.
        • -  To the paid order, e-invoice will be issued every hour on the hour.
        • -  The order with Cash on Delivery will be issued E-Invoice after the third-party cash platform receives the payment when consumer pickup their order. If you pick up your order this week, the E-invoice will be issued next Friday. In case of holiday or festival, the issued time will be delayed a week.
        • -   After the E-Invoice is issued, it will take 2-3 hours to upload the data to the electronic invoice platform. After the data is uploaded, the invoice issuance notification email will be sent to the customer.