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S06-8 Classic Pineapple Pastry Gift Box (18pcs)

The golden yellow color, the rich and crispy of the milky scent, the pineapple filling with the layered and not greasy mouth, perfectly interweaves the most balanced pineapple fruit acid and aroma, and the sweetness in the sour taste is endlessly enjoyable.
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Pineapple white gourd paste (white gourd paste, pineapple pulp, maltose, sugar, trehalose, butter, oil (soft palm oil, anhydrous cream), pineapple spice, salt, citric acid, sodium polyphosphate (quality improver) maltodextrin, partial Sodium bisulfite (antioxidant), flour, cream, sugar, eggs, milk powder

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Storage: Below 25 °C, it is recommended to store in cold storage. After returning to temperature, the flavor is better!

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