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QD01 Cheese Pineapple Pastry Gift Box (8pcs)

We have exclusively manufactured pineapple filling which is made from two kinds of pineapple with different sourness and sweetness. It then adds squash sauce to create pineapple jam that’s not only savoring but also chewy and tender and with pulps! The production method follows the method of the granny. It adds Parmesan cheese into the crust and grills it into a light burned brown color with slow baking. That way, it reaches a perfect balance between the fragrant, crusty and pungent cheese and the pineapple filling—as if wandering between the skies of Taiwan and Italy!
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Pineapple and white gourd paste, Flour, Butter, Sugar, Cheese
Powder, Milk, Eggs, Imported French Butter, Milk Cream, and Butter Cream

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Delicious small recipe: it’s suggested to put the item into an oven for reheating before serving.

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