Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian
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QD12-180 Matcha nougat 180g

A selection of French cream from the 150 countries of the world, the cream of French cream, the Shiga-made tea made from Japan, and the top almonds from the United States. Charm with a strong flavor of tea Yun sweet taste in the mouth back to Gan.
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Refined maltose (tapioca starch, water, starch saccharification enzyme, starch liquefaction enzyme), sweet almonds, SE-30 liquid sugar (maltose), cream (cream, lactic acid bacteria), milk powder, caster sugar, cocoa butter substitute-matcha chocolate ( Sugar, cocoa butter, vegetable oils (soybean oil, canola oil, corn oil), buttermilk powder, matcha, whole milk powder, lecithin, spices), matcha powder (green tea), protein, long-lasting milk, rock salt ( Sodium chloride. Potassium ferrocyanide).

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