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QC03-4 Turmeric Nougat

Contents: 275g
using the "autumn turmeric" variety with the highest curcumin content
The unique smell of turmeric and its nutritional value are combined with natural and delicious nougat, and the light black pepper aroma enhances the overall flavor level and helps the absorption of curcumin. With one bite, the elastic teeth are not sticky, milky and turmeric, full enjoyment!
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Refined maltose (sugars (oligosaccharides, maltose, glucose), water), sweet almonds, palm oil (refined palm oil, tocopherol (vitamin E) (antioxidant), L-ascorbyl palmitate (antioxidant)), Milk powder (cow milk), trehalose, D-sorbitol liquid 70%, sugar, protein powder, 100% organic red turmeric powder (autumn turmeric), salt (sodium chloride, potassium iodate), black pepper, emulsifier (Fatty Acid Glycerides), Carrageenan

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Sugar & Spice insists on not adding additives such as curing agent and preservative. Therefore, the product will change the shape and hardness of the product depending on the temperature at the place where it is placed. It will become hard and will crack easily in low temperature. This is normal physical phenomena and you can consume with a peace of mind.
*Preservation method: 40 days, it’s suggested to keep in refrigerator. You can consume after defreezing and the taste will be even better!

How to make the conveyance.

This is normal temperature a delivering product (HK、 Macao、Singapore、Korea、Malaysia)
This is frozen-pack delivery a delivering product (Taiwan、Taiwan Islands District)
This is Refrigerated Delivery a delivering product (Taiwan、Taiwan Islands District)

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