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Fashion Gift - Strawberry Nougat(2pcs)

Filling the mouth with rich and aromatic strawberry flavor, the stuffing baked with fresh strawberry carries happiness brought by a mellow taste!!
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Refined maltose (tapioca starch, water, starch saccharification enzyme, starch liquefaction enzyme), strawberry jam ((sugar, palm kernel oil, palm oil, skimmed milk powder, skimmed yogurt powder (skimmed milk powder, lactic acid bacteria), whole milk powder, malt) Dextrin, strawberry powder, red beetroot concentrate, emulsifier (soy lecithin), flavor (strawberry)) lemon powder))), dried strawberry (strawberry, palm oil, sugar), cream (cream, lactic acid bacteria), long-lasting milk , Milk powder, caster sugar, egg whites, fruit and vegetable extract powder (maltodextrin, radish, black Jiali, apple), salt (sodium chloride, potassium iodate), strawberry powder (maltodextrin, octenyl butane) Sodium starch. Strawberry flavor (flavor. Propylene glycol). Fatty acid glyceride. Vitamin E (antioxidant))).

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Sugar & Spice insists on not adding additives such as curing agent and preservative. Therefore, the product will change the shape and hardness of the product depending on the temperature at the place where it is placed. It will become hard and will crack easily in low temperature. This is normal physical phenomena and you can consume with a peace of mind.
*Preservation method: 40 days, it’s suggested to keep in refrigerator. You can consume after defreezing and the taste will be even better!

How to make the conveyance.

This is frozen-pack delivery a delivering product (Taiwan)
This is Refrigerated Delivery a delivering product (Taiwan)

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