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Heart to Heart-French Nougat 84g

Super popular fantasy nougat What is “super popular fantasy nougat”? It requires three conditions: “ingredient”+ “temperature”+ “time”
With the two above conditions, the other most important point is — the control of sugar cooking temperature and time must be maintained to perfection in order to create the appropriately firm, tender but chewy texture. This is the super popular fantasy nougat of Sugar & Spice.

Sugar & Spice insists on not adding additives such as curing agent and preservative. Therefore, the product will change the shape and hardness of the product depending on the temperature at the place where it is placed. It will become hard and will crack easily in low temperature. This is normal physical phenomena and you can consume with a peace of mind.
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product description

糖村牛軋糖 糖村牛軋糖 糖村牛軋糖 糖村牛軋糖 糖村牛軋糖 糖村牛軋糖 糖村牛軋糖 糖村牛軋糖 糖村牛軋糖 糖村牛軋糖

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Refined maltose (tapioca starch, water, starch saccharification enzyme, starch liquefaction enzyme), ordinary maltose (tapioca starch, water, starch saccharification enzyme, starch liquefaction enzyme, sodium metabisulfite, fatty acid glycerides), sweet almonds, Cream (cream, lactic acid bacteria), milk powder, caster sugar, egg whites, salt (sodium chloride, potassium iodate)

More descriptions

“French unsalted butter”: natural butter made with the milk from Normandy region of France. Its flavor is especially refreshing. Because it’s natural, the milk fragrance will fade with the passage of time. Its fragrance won’t last forever like spice!

“American Californian almond nuts”: vigorously selected almond nuts that are firm, fragrant and crackling. It’s baked for three hours in low heat and then put into high heat to create that burnished color, allowing the nuts to become fragrant and crackling!

*Preservation method: 40 days, it’s suggested to keep in refrigerator. You can consume after defreezing and the taste will be even better!

How to make the conveyance.

This is normal temperature a delivering product (HK、 Macao、Singapore、Korea、Malaysia)
This is frozen-pack delivery a delivering product (Taiwan、Taiwan Islands District)
This is Refrigerated Delivery a delivering product (Taiwan、Taiwan Islands District)

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10CM X 5.5CM X10CM