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Toffee Nougat 400g (Not provided bag )

Chewy bites fill the mouth with a mellow scent created by the mixture of milk and caramel. The nougat mixed with almond granules from California is enriched by distinct layers that delight everyone.
Sugar & Spice insists on not adding additives such as curing agent and preservative. Therefore, the product will change the shape and hardness of the product depending on the temperature at the place where it is placed. It will become hard and will crack easily in low temperature. This is normal physical phenomena and you can consume with a peace of mind.
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Refined maltose (tapioca starch, water, starch saccharification enzyme, starch liquefaction enzyme), sweet almonds, SE-30 liquid sugar (maltose), cream (cream, lactic acid bacteria), milk powder, caster sugar, egg whites, caramel brulee sauce (Sugar. Caramel. Water. Spices. Edible caramel coloring. Thickener (carrageenan). Salt), Toffee (hydrogenated glucose syrup. Caramel syrup. Propylene glycol. Water. Vanilla extract. Ethyl malt. Alcohol, vanilla aldehyde, lactone, fatty acid, aromatic alcohol, ethyl butyrate, aromatic aldehyde, higher aliphatic aldehyde, caramel color), caramel flavor (octenyl succinic acid) Sodium starch, maltodextrin, caramel flavor (molasses, propylene glycol, flavor, polysorbate fatty acid ester 80), β-cyclodextrin, fatty acid glyceride, vitamin-E (antioxidant))), Fresh cream powder (bovine milk fat. Skim milk powder. Sodium pyrophosphate), salt (sodium chloride. Potassium iodate), caramel coloring

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*Preservation method: 40 days, it’s suggested to keep in refrigerator. You can consume after defreezing and the taste will be even better!

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