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QD13-210 Taiwan Honey Nougat

Local Taiwanese signature honey is available during all seasons depending on the different nectar harvested! Longan Honey features a mellow aroma and sweet taste that is scented by Lychee nectar, whose fruity aroma is laced with sweet notes. The nougat combining A+ almond granules from California in the US looks forward to giving you different favors upon each encounter!
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Refined maltose (tapioca starch, water, starch saccharification enzyme, starch liquefaction enzyme), sweet almonds, cream (cream, lactic acid bacteria), milk powder, caster sugar, honey, egg white, fresh cream powder (bovine milk fat, skimmed milk powder, coke) Sodium phosphate), long-lasting milk, glucose, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), rock salt (sodium chloride, potassium ferrocyanide)

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