The winter of 1996 is cozy because of the birth of Sugar & Spice, the first bakery restaurant in Taichung.
It's a realization of a dream that started with the moment of touching heart when its founder whoes name is Grace was studying while on vacation abroad. After returning to Taiwan, she couldn't forget her passion for bakery. After consulting many esteemed professionals and visiting restaurants abroad, the birth and growth of Sugar & Spice represents the fulfillment of her dream! 

Although the years is misty, the footprint of sugar village is more and more clear, "the sugar village" which mixes with variety of baking and touch many hearts of wastrels, the special smell make people think of the unique people or things which have us think the memories of years、old friends and interesting things. But the sugar village cake is not only the bright of the past but also the proud of the contemporary, be improved, innovated, developed and abroad communicate continuously. The bakery of the sugar village is not only the outcome of the artist but also the combination of science. It's not just by the appearance of cake or the change of taste. Also improve continuously on the formula, temperature, conservancy and technique, the end is to make sugar village perfect. Thanks for all the supporting and encouraging from my friends, let us hold our hands again and create the future of sugar village together.